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1. China Tooling Export Situation [8/12/2016]

With cost and lead time benefit , more and more global custo...

2. What is the general procedure for formulating stamping process? [7/6/2016]

1, Analysis of stamping process     2, Determine scheme for forming the stamping pa...

3. Stamping VS quality of product [6/23/2016]

Most of the hardware is made by stamping process. With this special processing technolog...

4. Precision tooling in china [5/29/2016]

In today's China, making techniques of precision tooling are approaching or even reachin...

5. Die lifetime and die design [5/25/2016]

The lifetime of mold be connected with design level, mold structure,mold's material and ...

6. Causes analysis for mold burst and action [5/21/2016]

 I. Causes analysis for mold burst   1. Material  the mold material is not go...

7. How to ensure the precision of tooling [5/17/2016]

1,Well understanding for product     Once receiviced the sample or drawing,...

8. DongGuan town introduction [5/13/2016]

In China, Changan town, DongGuan city have many enterprises work on moluld and die, and ...

9. Caan web start using on May 12,2016 [5/12/2016]

Caan website has begun to use today, it will help our company to shown talent and advant...

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