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News > Causes analysis for mold burst and action

Causes analysis for mold burst and action

Source: www.cntooling.com    5/21/2016  3:26:43 PM

I. Causes analysis for mold burst
1. Material
the mold material is not good or is not rational, easy to caused break during fabrication
2. Fabrication and heat treatment
The procee of fabrication and quenching and tempering process improperly
3. Design issues
Die strength is not enough, structure is irrational, the stripper and falling hole design was not good
4. The punch selection
Punch was not match with the die, installation of the die was not correct
5. Maintenance
During production, pin or spring or parts or the material broken can caused the die burst

II. How to prevent mold burst
1. Material
Reasonable selection of materials according to application, give consideration to the hardness and toughness, improve the parts lifetime
2. Mold fabrication
Implement correct and reasonable process, standardize operations and processing, to ensure accuracy
3. Mold Design
Design reasonable the structure of mold, precise guiding and locating, the correct parameters of punch and insert.
The shape of punch and insert, and gap between both, all of these can havily influence the quality of product, tooling's wearing and lifetime. For high precision goods, should choose a smaller gap value, on the contrary, may be appropriate to increase the gap to improve the lifetime of die
4. stamping equipment
Choose the stamping equipment with high precision and good rigidity, the lifetime of mold will be improved greatly
5. Maintenance and Operation
Proper operate and maintain the mold, strictly enforce the "three inspection" system (inspection before running, inspection during runing, inspection after running)
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